Best DIY Indoor Garden Decoration Ideas

Indoor vertical garden

As the season changes and the greenery quickly turns to the colors or fall, there is no wonder why you many people may be considering an indoor garden. Not only are indoor gardens beautiful to look at, but they also bring many great benefits indoors. Fromimproved indoor air quality, to reduction of airborne toxins and microbes, to
edible organics, setting up an indoor garden can benefit the entire family.

Here are some of our best DIY indoor garden decoration ideas to get you started on your new garden today.

Vertical Gardens

Be creative with your available wall space by dedicating a portion or even an entire wall to hanging plants. Building a vertical garden is a creative way to grow cultivate plants indoors, especially in smaller urban spaces where there
may not be a front or backyard to build a garden bed. For instance, a vertical garden can be built by installing a shelf that is totally dedicated to growing your plants. Simply take measurements, install your DIY shelf or assemble an
inexpensive shelving unit, and then completely transform your space. You can also use variable size pots and a multitude of plant varieties to add dimension to the display. Also, remember that you can get your plants off to a good start by ensuring they have plenty of natural sunlight as some walls may not be window-facing.

Indoor Vertical Plants

Grow Succulents in a Rolling Cart

Do you have anunused rollingcart in your home that needs new life? How about using that cart to grow a variety of beautiful succulents for your home? For older carts try spray painting them in a bold, beautiful color such as red, gold, teal, or any other color that best suits your taste. Next, fill your repurposed cart to the max with various succulents such assempervivumtectorum, echeveria imbricate, and zwartkop. The great thing about a
rolling cart garden is that you can easily move your plants to different locations within the home for an amazing indoor garden that can be enjoyed by everyone within the home. 

Grow Succulents in a Rolling Cart

Growing Herbs in See-Through Containers

Another excellent DIY project for an indoor garden is to grow various herbs in see-through containers. For this project choose decorative vases, decanters, jugs, mason jars, or other casings such as terrariums to show off your lovely plants. These see-through planters are an excellent way to start an indoor herb garden to help grow tasty additions for your next meal. You can even take pride in all your gardening efforts by watching your plants’ roots go from seedling to full-grown plants. For added impact, your containers can be wall mounted and labeled for a one-of-a-kind indoor growing experience.

Growing Herbs in See-Through Containers

Indoor Flower Boxes

Want to go a more traditional route with your garden? Bring flower boxes indoors and add them to your window ledges, window seats, or above benches throughout the home. These familiar, long flower boxes can be used to grow beautiful flowers or even vegetables for your personal delight. Build a box from wood pieces or use other stylish containers that are a true reflection of your home’s décor.

Indoor Flower Boxes DIY

Hanging Pallet Garden

Another great and creative DIY indoor garden project is building a pallet wood garden. An unused pallet can be hung on a wall or it can be used as a standalone design element within the home. You can paint the pallet or leave it in its natural wood state depending on your preference. To begin, add backing to the pallet and then nail landscaping fabric to the underside of each pallet section. This will create a pocket that can be filled with dirt to grow your plants. Once your pallet is fully prepared start your seedlings and you’ll now have an indoor garden that you can call your very own. This is sustainable green living at its very best!

Hanging Pallet Garden

Get started on your indoor garden today. It does not matter if you have extra space within your home or if you are in a small apartment, there are many options available when it comes to building a decorative DIY indoor garden. Try one of these fun projects today for an indoor gardening experience like no other.

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